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Multimedia design is the art of integrating multiple forms of media to reach wider audiences

Mavericks Print combine text, audio, animation, photography, and video to create informational and attractive multimedia content for information kiosks, multimedia presentations, websites, mobile phone applications, online advertising, QR Code landing pages, social media posts, e-commerce and entertainment and educational products.

Social Media Content
With the advent of Covid, many are having to transform the way they do business.  Lockdowns and social distancing have forced businesses to re-evaluate how they do business. More businesses are now online and there has been a massive shift from regular marketing strategies to a digital marketing.

At Mavericks Print we have a highly skilled team to design stunning multimedia content for your online advertising. Or social media posts that display correctly on each platform.  Digital menus for use on inhouse tv screens or online ordering facilities.  Multimedia presentations for business and educational purposes.

What about websites? Does Mavericks Print produce multimedia content for websites?

Having a website will immediately improve the credibility of your business. Mavericks Print designs visually appealing, professional multimedia websites using a wide variety of images and audio-visual effects like video and motion graphics to bring designs to life.

In addition, we design and produce multimedia content for existing sites, email marketing  and online advertising.  Engage your customers with multimedia content from Mavericks Print.
Website Design & Multimedia Content

There’s no denying that the digital world is in our future and it’s unlikely that this is going to change. With more than 4.66 billion people in the world using the internet on a daily basis, the online world will change, grow, and continue to thrive.  The team at Mavericks Print  can design the multimedia content you need to thrive with it.

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