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    If you’re a retail business owner looking to attract attention to your brand, we offer high-quality yet affordable corflute signs from Sunshine Coast. Corflute is corrugated plastic or corriboard, 3mm or 5mm thick, giving you the sturdiness needed when advertising outdoors.

  • Corflute Signs 5mm 450mm x 600mm

    From $6.50 each
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  • Corflute Signs 5mm 600mm x 900mm

    From $11.00 each
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  • Corflute Signs 5mm 900mm x 1200mm

    From $22.00 each
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  • Corflute Signs 5mm 1200mm x 2400mm

    From $45.00 each
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  • Corflute Signs Canberra

    Our signs are available in various sizes, from 450mm x 600mm to 1200mm x2400. You have the option to print on one or both sides and can also choose to add eyelets for easy attachment to a fence with cable ties. Here’s what else you can expect from this innovative product that helps to get your brand recognised:

    • Numerous uses.Corflute signs are most popular with estate agents and auctioneers for advertising commercial or residential properties. They’re also useful for builders who need to indicate temporary construction sites and need to communicate important information to the public.
    • User-friendly shopping experience.Enjoy the convenience of e-commerce with our platform, which lets you request a quote and purchase products online. We’re also ensuring fast turnaround times and that you’re satisfied with the end product with our downloadable artwork template that indicates scales, resolution, and colour requirements.
    • Competitive pricing. We add value to our services by offering discounted prices when you buy in bulk, where you can buy signs in quantities ranging from two to 200.

    Why Mavericks Print

    We’re one of the leading corflute suppliers because we can handle small to large orders. Our innovative methods and experienced team also make it possible to deliver consistent results and professional service.

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